Learn. Grow. Master Data Science.

Join South Florida’s 1st Data Science Bootcamp. Gain valuable analytical skills and take your career to the next level.

By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have:

Data Science Certificate of Completion

Receive a Data Science Certificate of Completion (150 hrs) to add to your professional resume and career development.

Grow Your Career

Gain access to our network of growing partnerships with top startups, companies, and data scientists to connect you to career growth opportunities.

Build Models and Gain Insight

Master advanced analytics skills to build predictive models and gain insights from big data.

Add to Your Professional Showcase

Develop a data science project portfolio to add to your professional showcase.

By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have:

Data Science Certificate of Completion

Receive a Data Science Foundations Certificate of Completion (150 hrs) verifying your completion of the program.

Developed a Hacker Mindset Required for Data Science

The key in any data science initiative is to learn how to take a problem and break it down into a series of steps that can be completed with the best tool on hand

Hands-on Data Science Experience

Our curriculum focuses on teaching you the practical applications of different steps in the data science process, and you’ll work through your own capstone to get real, hands-on experience with the entire process.

A Network of Data Science Professionals

We bring in industry experts to teach you how leading companies are using data science, and you’ll be learning and working with professionals all developing their data science skills.

What Our Students Say

This was our first step toward becoming a true data-driven company and I look forward to providing more valuable predictive analytics using the principles we learned in this class.

Eileen Martin

Director of Data, Kaufman Rosin Co.

This was the perfect introduction to the world of Data Science – the art, theorems, and technology. I now frame problems with an analytical focus and use data science principles to solve them in my role as a digital marketer. This is the beginning and I’m excited to dive deeper into the field.

Melissa Martinez

Marketing Content Specialist, Costa Farms

Why Learn Data Science?

Average Salary: $130, 552

 Data scientists are among the highest paid professionals. In fact, for job postings nationwide, data-scientist salaries are 113% more than average salaries for all job postings.

2.7 Million Jobs Opening in 2020

 Data Science is one of the fastest-growing fields. By 2020, data science and analytics in job listings in the U.S. will reach 2.7 Million.

#1 Job In Satisfaction

Several studies have found that, year after year, the Data Scientist role is among those with highest job satisfaction.

Proven Curriculum

Learning data science might seem overwhelming, but at Data.Miami we’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum that makes data science accessible and achievable!

Sari Kulthm - Algorithms and Data Structures Lead Content Developer at Microsoft

“Data.Miami is a groundbreaking educational effort that I highly recommend to anyone looking to stay relevant in today’s quickly changing professional landscape.”

Jimena Zubiria - VP, University at TheVentureCity

“The role of the data scientist within a company is becoming increasingly more important so we are so excited to see programs like Data.Miami training the future data scientists in Miami.”

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